Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dulu2 taim skulah.. Tak hengat form brapa. Maybe form 2 kot. Kat tiwi 2, ada tayang citer neh. Wah, sukek aku tau. Aku sukek citer2 yang spesis cenggini. Ada megik2.. Ngarut2.. Fantasi. Beh, pasal plot, kostum dorang memang cantik, menarik tertarik ko mimang da boommm....
Ni plakon utama dia..
Alessandra Martines - Fantaghiro
Kim Rossi Stuart - Ramualdo

Nicholas Rogers - Tarabas
Hemsem siot mamat neh.. Hua hua hua.. Aku sukek kalo seseorang mamat tu mempunyai sepasang mata sedemikian rupa... Ngeeeee.....

Tarabas & Dark Witch

LOVE against Evil power. Courage, Strength, Hope, Magic, Revenge, Love, Hates, Kindness, Cruel, Anger.. All you can have it at "The Cave of the Golden Rose". Such an adorable, thrilling, romantic & sad serial. The "heroes" of the film on screen come from Italian folk tale "Fantaghiro", the beautiful Princess. It is a story about in very ancient times when people lived completely in a different way but loved as in our time and fought against evil. The film consist of 5 parts filmed in Italy, the Czech Republic & Thailand & is hot by Italian film director Lamberto Bava. He assembled ensemble of actors from different countries.
The rest of the cast,although not very famous but the more popular ones,includes Alessandra Martines,as the brave warrior princess,Fantaghiro, Kim Rossi Stuart,as the handsome prince Romualdo and Nicholas Rogers,as Tarabas,the prince of darkness...But he doesn't look like prince of darkness.
Carefull!! Don't stare at his eyes...You might get a crush on him forever.


  1. heeee me likes this story too! tgk citer ni mase darjah 5. i got this movie in flv version, tp x tgk lagi.

  2. skrg boleh tgk sikit2 scene dia kat utube kan.. mmg besh cite ni kan